Lessons From a Cat


   Today is the day, I took the step and started a long thought of blog. This blog will be like its creator, out of the box, varied, emotional, focused, and last but not least, FUN! It will include pieces of myself, as well as others in my circle, my children, my family, as well as anyone who wants to add to its colorful landscape. I want it to be about many things and many people, not just a rambling self serving write up of me (sorry bloggers who follow that path) as a wise man once told me ( the head teacher at the beauty school I attended) “Everyone likes to talk about themselves, if you allow that, you will have many clients”, and I have found that to be true in all walks of life, with all people, not just clients or customers, but family, friends and others that may cross our paths, everyone likes to feel ” special”, so, my blog is for anyone who wants to add or comment, not just for me,  after I have opened the subject door.  I will also post things from the web that I think are of some value and interest.  The push that finally made me get this thing in gear, was the same thing that many ,many, MANY, years ago, got me putting my feelings on paper when I felt that I could do so eloquently enough, a cat.

     Those many years ago it was my first pet cat, Sam, who left me after two short years, but took up a large room in my heart. This time, it was the passing of our pet Chief. I suppose it was because after so many years with him, when he left us, I realized that days tick away, if you want to do something, do it, don’t keep putting it off, as well as I felt the time was right. I suppose it is fitting that a cat figures into this beginning, as one did back then, and though I think of myself as more of a dog person, the spirit of the cat is more aligned with my own. They seem to be of two worlds, one the warm safe domestic world of cozy blankets, warm fires and always available food and safety, the other the mysterious, mystical world of Mother Nature. In one world, they lay curled up on your lap, in the other, they dream they are the mighty Shere Khan, gliding through the forests of India, reigning as her King. I am a person whose base is my family and home, but I also feel a strong connection with Mother Nature and the natural world, so, thank you Sam, those many years ago for helping me realize that I have a knack for words, and thank you Chief, for giving me the push I needed, on your way over the Rainbow Bridge.

Below is my first attempt at expressing on paper, crude, simple, but written by a heartbroken teen who had just lost her first pet (and he was a character).  

He walked softly on padded feet, his life here with us was so complete

He might have been wary of strangers and such, but he loved his home and his family so much

People sometimes forget and no longer care, but him I could count on, he would always be there

I had always said when his life was to end, I would want to be there, with my special friend

We were together when he walked through that door, out of life, into death

and as he breathed his final breath

his soul came into my heart, there he shall live, we will never part.

In two short years he showed me such love, for this I thank God above

for sending me such a friend, the likes of him I’ll never see again

He was my friend, he is my friend

A friend whom I will always love, a friend who loved me as I loved him

A friend whose memory I will always carry,

my dearest friend, my friend Sam.


Copyright (processing) 2018  SA Klukiewicz


Author: shelleyanne56

Copyrighted 2018 Thoughts from Outside the Box. Shelley Ann Klukiewicz. All rights reserved.

5 thoughts on “Lessons From a Cat”

  1. Very soulful and as a cat owner I fully understand they fill up so much in our lives. They fill the gaps other people forget about. They are always there for us without failure. I am please you could be there at the end of their time so important for you both. Bless you.

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