How Does My Garden Grow

I have always been fond of metaphors, this blogpost will be no exception.  Gardens have always held a fascination for me, those I cultivate, those I observe, and the one that I sprung from myself, all special and unique in their own right.  I suppose I should start with the one that grew, me, which to those who dislike trying to decifer metaphorical terms, my childhood (and actually early adulthood as well). To indulge, I will simply state, that I was but a mere thin weed of a flower, received very little sunlight, even less tender loving care, but like the stubborn dandelion, I held on, grew as much as my sustenance would allow, and grew stronger as time went on and seasons passed, as most hardy plants will do.   They may wilt and appear quite dead at times, but they are alive under the withered leaves and frozen ground.   I found that the lack of attention I received, made me stronger, some it may weaken, it all depends on what each “plant” is made of.  Strangely enough, it may also come to pass, that those that receive a lot of sunlight, care and attention, may be much weaker than the neglected ones, again, it is all relative to each ones constitution.  

I found, as many plants do when they are “transplanted”  that I blossomed more than it ever seemed I may, given my humble and meager beginnings.  As I did, my own garden became full of my own lovely additions, in other words, my children, who would never be shaded and undernourished in either food, love, nor ever discouraged to grow to their full potential.

I exist now in this beautiful garden of my own creation, some days are rainy of course, but without rain, we cannot grow, so I welcome it.  

Lastly, I will speak of my actual garden in the non-metaphorical sense.   Everywhere I go, I seem to take on the ugly duckling, the one in need or repair, be it animals or properties, and transform them into something more beautiful.  I guess it is the part of me that likes a challenge, that always is striving to prove what I can do, and the reward I see when it comes to fruition.  My current ” Garden in the Works” is in northern Florida, our adopted home after we left the Northeast.   Spring is here and certain things are in bloom, others, such as our many Crepe Myrtles, are still quiet as we have had a rainy streak and they wait for the sun.   Everyday my GITW,  brings me peace and calmness as I work on her to eventually create my true Oasis, my Secret Garden.  I know not everyone has a green thumb, or the desire to take up gardening, but I would advise to at least dabble.  If apartment living is your thing, have plants, do whatever you can to stay close and in tune with Mother Nature and bring her into your world, as no matter what is going on in your life, I have found that she will always give you some peace,  some joy, even on your darkest day.   Trust her to lighten your load, and you will never be shoved in a corner, neglected and left to wither.   Here are some pictures of my current garden to start your journey.




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