Pieces of the Kaleidoscope


The most difficult part of a blog, is making it something others want to read, or share, or even learn from.  Although the general rule is to have a theme, for me, and for the reasons I created this blog, that will not do.  My postings will cover different themes, touch varied subjects, share many thoughts, and consist of vibrant colors.  My hope is that in time, I will have an audience, and commentators of like, if not, I suppose this will turn into, my memoirs.  

I have many things I want my blog to contain, I will bounce from one subject to another, which has always been my way, some may call it OCD, my explanation is simply that I tend to get bored easily. I may jump from a memory that I choose to share, to an opinion that I hold, from a hobby that I indulge in, to a poem written in my past, to a current event, or even a lesson I myself have learned, and want to share.  I hope that along the way I will pick up, pass along information to, or maybe even help, others on their own journeys, be it from darkness into light, sadness into joy, despair into hope, or from what they thought was the end, but is actually their beginning.

  This poem I wrote when I was quite young, possibly 21,  when I suppose I was trying to find the real me.  All of my writings are one of three things, either taken from my reality, part my reality and part fiction, or a very few, total fiction.  This one was my reality, YOU.

You are my hopes

you are my dreams

You are my laughter

and my tears.

You are my wins

you are my losses

You are my heart

and my soul.

You are my past, my present

and my future

You chase the dreams

I too run after.

You are my strength,

you share my weakness

You are my path, my compass

and my feet

In other words, you are me.


Copyright 2018 (pending) SA Klukiewicz


Author: shelleyanne56

Copyrighted 2018 Thoughts from Outside the Box. Shelley Ann Klukiewicz. All rights reserved.

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