Those Who Rock The Boat

     Those of us who rock the boat, you know who you are.   We are never content, to be idle, as something in our life, our world, or in another’s, sways and spins out of control and loses its heading.  While others sit quietly and cling to what I call their lifejackets: Outdated ideas, beliefs, or lies told so many times, they take on a strange and twisted truth to them, we do not.  It’s tough to go it alone, as many times you will if you choose to stand and right the sail.  Though it can be frightening, it seldom is something that once you have done, you will not do again.

     Many create chaos, cause discord, for no reason or worldly purpose, other than for their own wants and desires. Usually some narcissistic rant that serves none other than them, this is not “rocking the boat” this is merely being an asshole.

     True Rocking the Boat, I believe is a learned behavior, as I see it also in my children.   We all pick our own varied causes and concerns, but the outcome is the same.   We draw attention to the wrong, the inhumane, the disingenuous and the cruel, and do what each one of us feels will change its direction.  We rock that boat and hope She finds her true and steady course.  There is the chance some may sink, but if so, they were meant to.  Not all causes we take up, or wrongs we try to right,  will welcome us with open arms.  Not all will join our fight or see our point, but those that do, make the possibility of ourselves falling overboard, seem trite in the trade.

    So this is a SALUTE, to the true rockers of the boat.  Those who despite their own fear and uncertainty, face being chastised, mocked, or deserted by some, because they believe in a cause, or will not tolerate a behavior.  A line to sum up, those that are bystanders, and those of action.


“You’re my witness, I’m the mutineer.” Warren Zevon

A later poem of mine that leans enough toward this subject to include it.

Time to Go

Has the time come, you want out

you’re sick to death of me?

Just let me know, your ship is sailing

no more of me you’ll see.

I’d rather that, just truth upfront

than empty meaningless banter

no flowers at unexpected times

no inpromptu false gestures.

I know it’s very hard to share

those unpleasant, but true feelings.

It’s as if, when exposed

up in smoke will go

all of those involved

like a vampire exposed to sun

in one of those B movies.

But as is said

better to go down in flames,

with no regrets or what if’s

than to linger at the doorway

with should or shouldn’t I

running around inside your head

as a cat would chase a mouse.

I’m getting dizzy,

please if you wish, just go.

I’ll find a fence, a good strong fence

to push my feelings for you behind.

I’ll find a lock, a sturdy lock

that cannot be sprung, or be broken.

And no matter how those feelings shout,

or rant and rave

” Come let me out! ”

I’ll plug my ears, I’ll sing and dance

Avoidance is the key.

For if the road awaits you

and our time has long since passed,

the door has just been opened

step through it and close the latch.

Copyright 2018 SA Klukiewicz     Image Copyright





Author: shelleyanne56

Copyrighted 2018 Thoughts from Outside the Box. Shelley Ann Klukiewicz. All rights reserved.

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