No Option To Sell


       I have always been interested in real estate, it was never a career path I took, though I did sell one of ours.  The worth of properties, the potential of diamonds in the rough, intriguing with actually quite a complex art to it.   It’s an interesting game and if done right can be very profitable.   The option to sell is a tough decision, one many choose to make at some point in their lives, but others do not, they stay firmly planted where they stand.   This post is about a different kind selling, the auctioning off not of a home or a property, but ourselves.

       All throughout our lives events and reasons come up that offer things we want or feel we need, for a price of course.  Sometimes the cost is a mere penny of what we are, though sometimes much much more. Many times we buy into it, without even realizing we are. Sometimes we weigh the pros and cons of a particular instance of selling out.  It may come in the form of keeping our mouths shut, swallowing our pride, or accepting an injustice, all things that I never had an easy time doing.   When I was younger and less confident in who I was, as we all are in youth, I can think of times when even I sadly sold myself out in some form.   It never makes you feel good, it never brings anything positive into your life.  It may bring a fleeting peace or acceptance, but the price to your psyche is never worth it, even if it feels like a bargain at the time.  After a few episodes, you begin to feel weaker, less focused on what you really believe, and many times angry, usually at yourself.  After all, there will always be false self-serving friends, uncaring relatives, disingenuous people in our workplaces, neighborhoods, communities. We have to be the ones who decide if we stand for ourselves or fold to anothers whims, wishes or demands.

      No one forces us to sell out and join them, or the crowd. Whether it comes in the form of a phony clique of shallow friends who gossip incessantly,  an abusive family member wanting you to accept their cruelty in silence, or a intolerable career ladder that you refuse to pay the cost to climb.  There are many types of attacks on who we are, what we stand for and believe in, and how we choose to live our lives. Only we should decide on how we react.


     Selling out to others demands may seem to bring happiness as we all want to feel we belong, but its false and is never a real joy.   Once you realize this, you become much more at peace. We must stay true to ourselves and not deviate from our own feelings.   At times it may seem lonely, as people don’t like it when those they seek to bend, stand up straight.   In time you will find acceptance for who you are.  You will find respect for your bravery in the face of many bombardments, tricks and deceits from those who wanted another notch in their belt, another sale.   You will find others who, like you, do not take the path of least resistance, which is always to follow the crowd and accept the mob mentality.   We speak up when attacked, we refuse to go along with certain behaviors, we see our own path, and we walk it.   For us, the option to sell, gets taken off the table.


Copyright 2018  SA Klukiewicz

Author: shelleyanne56

Copyrighted 2018 Thoughts from Outside the Box. Shelley Ann Klukiewicz. All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “No Option To Sell”

  1. Great post. All too many are eager to follow the crowd sell their last ounce of soul to gain it. Standing apart takes a lot of strength and can mean time alone too. Connecting with those who have similar souls of goodness are far and few between. Bless you.

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