When Rose Colored Glasses Don’t Fit


The donning of rose colored glasses, something that in some ways can make life simpler, but who said simpler is better? I myself never was even close to a pair. My life was never easy, I saw everything at face value. I never sweated the small stuff as was unfortunately too busy with the big stuff. If you have struggled through anything of significance, the rose tint of those glasses never come to rest on your cheeks.

I can always spot the ones who own a pair very easily. They have an unnatural cheerfulness. Small everyday occurences seem like mountains to climb in their world, and they act like only they faced that task. They usually dont get involved in any important causes because then they would have to face the harshness of the real world. They like to stay in a bubble of their own creation, often making much of their life seem like its simply perfect, all is right with the world, it couldnt be better. To those of us who prefer reality, as cruel and barren as it sometimes is, those simplistic views seem childish and silly. I also have found that those that wear their rose colored glasses so well, despite their frequent smiles, are quite shallow and unkind. They lack empathy and compassion. They turn their backs on all of us that have faced harsh realities because they have not. They dont want to reach out or understand, as it may shatter the safe little world they have created. Rather than remove their glasses to help a cause, right a wrong, change an injustice, they hold them tightly to their head, refusing to let the real world in. The rosy hue to me, makes them blind.

Life is full of challenges, worries, heartaches, as well as if your lucky, joys and happy times. To see all if it, the bad as well as the good, and lend a hand to those who stumble, or a shoulder to those who weep, you need to have clear vision. Rose colored glasses strip away the humanity of those who wear them. They distort what the world truly is just as they muddy its real colors with their own. I know those that wear them wish this to be so. They dont want the hardship of others to change the narrative of what they have made their life. They wear their fine pink glasses proudly, and have no desire to remove them. Me, I’m glad mine never fit.

Author: shelleyanne56

Copyrighted 2018 Thoughts from Outside the Box. Shelley Ann Klukiewicz. All rights reserved.

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