Know Your Bandwagon


      This post was prompted by some recent “bandwagons” that have been in the news and my desire to delve into the psychology of them and those who gleefully jump on, most without really knowing why:   

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         Thank you, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

       All causes and crusades usually have noble beginnings, or at least the thought is pure.  Some stay that way, others become ” bandwagons” that when researched properly, are found to be detrimental to their chosen cause in some way, or at the very least, no real help at all.  They take on a life of there own driven by false applause and the shallow mindset of those who want to be thought of as crusaders, but are really just looking to put forth a mirage of caring and compassion so they can climb aboard and gain some of that applause for themselves.

       Most of my causes or crusades involve animals, not all, but most.  I think because while many human predicaments are worthy,  and I have always been an advocate of any underdog, or person I felt needed my help, animal causes hold a special place in my heart.  This reason being, that although they certainly speak, it is not a language we all understand therefore help is harder for them to ask for, and not all will hear.

       The loudest bandwagon that got my attention recently was the bill introduced in New York State, my former home, to outlaw the declawing of cats.  Now, in a perfect world, this would not be necessary, but our world is not perfect.  In my home over the years, our pet cats have literally done hundreds (actually thousands) of dollars in damage to our furniture, drapes, rugs, anything they decided to sink their formidable claws into.  Yes, we have always had multiple cats, so our damage was worse than those with one or two.  We have always had scratching posts. but for all cat owners, we know, they like the things we DON’T buy for them the most.  Yes, of course they help, especially if you spray catnip on them, but they don’t STOP all damage.  There are also those that say, ” cats can be trained, just do it”, I 100 % agree.  All the cats I ever owned have come running to me when I call, save for my beautiful RIP Zelda who lived in her own wild world, where she bowed or catered to noone and our Theresa, named for the town our lovely Splendid Isolation still inhabits, our thought is being she was half feral, and her yowl is like no other of our cats, she has a bobcat gene, and they don’t answer to names.   So, yes I have trained my cats, but stretching and sharpening their claws is instinct, which you can not remove.  

       We have owned three declawed cats, two of my husbands, who were happy and healthy  as much as any clawed cat, they lived inside. Our Lucy who we were blessed with for 15 years, was declawed and even though we had planned to keep her a house cat, she would have none of that.  She ruled the neighborhood with her declawed front paws, no dog or other cat dared enter her turf, she fought off foxes and ate rabbits whole, she lived a glorious happy healthy life as a declawed cat.  I would not recommend declawing most cats that go outside though, as they are not Lucy.  My point is they might have had sore paws for, it seemed one day with Lucy, but they suffered no other malady or pain or problems. Declawing is most certainly not the evil deed these bandwagon junkies try to paint it. 

       This is extremely important to me and should be to all, as it is only reasonable to realize that many people have generous hearts and would love to rescue a shelter pet and save it from euthanasia, but they cannot afford to replace furniture or other valuables, they don’t want to let the cat outside where so many dangers lurk, and contrary to these bandwagon jumpers, even the most docile cat can turn into a slippery cagey beast when you attempt to cut their claws.  

       These bandwagoners list all these alternatives: cut their claws, get scratching posts, let the cat outside, or simply don’t get a cat.  One even was so naïve (or stupid, I’m still trying to decide) as to say that “If declawing is outlawed, people will not get as many cats, breeders will stop breeding them, and there will be less going to shelters”.  After I stopped ripping out my hair, I posted back to her (this was on Instagram) “My dear, number one: breeders are the most greedy heartless creatures on earth, they breed for money, they don’t care about the animals, they will never do anything that would actually HELP, number two, most cats in shelters come from people not spaying and neutering their pets” (a subject for another post). We learned much about breeders after our Zelda suffered and died at two due to breeding practices she was an innocent victim of, which led to my crusade against breeders. 

        What the supporters of this bill do not realize, is the reactions of their actions.  If people lose the option to declaw a cat to make it an easier fit into their household, there will be less adoptions, more kittens and cats put to sleep, or gassed, simply because there are millions in shelters and not enough homes for them now, this bill will make it even harder for some people to want to add a cat to their home.

         The anger and hate that was hurled at me via this thread on Instagram when I tried to reasonably state the reality of this bill to people who just want to wave their ” look at me doing something that will help animals” flag and will stop at nothing to silence those that point out the REAL truth of what this bill would do, was astounding.  I don’t respond to attacks well, so I gave it back to them, but it did no good as some people refuse to take the “self” out of what they think is selfless.  My way to help is to use social media, where if a few agree with me, they will bring in a few more to my side, those few will bring in a few more,  etc. etc. etc.  I have protested for years on foot, in the fray, now it is more this media where my crusades are fought, though I will never pass up a protest dear enough to me if I can get to it. 

         The second  animal bandwagon is the outlawing of tethering your dog, same blind self centered look at mes ride this one, and outcome is the same: most people work, they don’t have time to walk a dog as much as it should be, especially the large or active breeds. If they cannot tie their dog out in the yard, of course in comfort, with shade shelter and water for part of the day,  something we did, something that has been done for generations, they will just chose to not rescue a dog. Another life lost due to false good done by false people. 


         The third noisy bandwagon, that I noticed quickly disappeared when it was found out that one was only started due to of course, money and greed,  was the protest against horse pulled carriages, this particular stunt was in New York City.   Horses are meant to run, to pull, to carry, again, with reason and good care.  A well treated  carriage horse is not an abused animal.  Most of them also provide a way for people to feed and house their families, so most of them are cared for acceptably, and there are laws to protect them.  This protest was started when a real estate developer wanted the land that the stables were housed on, it was found out that if this law passed, most of the horses would be sold to slaughterhouses as there would be nowhere for them to go.  Thankfully, when it was discovered that greed led that false cause, it went away.  The people that jumped with glee on the bandwagon, again, did no research, or just didn’t care, that the horses would be slaughtered if that law went through, and people would lose their source of income.  Again, the noise and glitz of the bandwagon was all they heard and could see.


       In all these cases, no real good would or will be done by these laws passing, only animals and people will suffer. Those who have the love to rescue an animal but are not allowed options to bring them comfortably into their home will miss out on the happiness a pet can bring, and more animals in the now far far too overcrowded shelters, will have their life ended before it ever really began.  Let the circus of these bandwagons pass by, ignore them and let your silence make them fade away.  Know your cause, and make it a real one. 


Copyrighted 2018 © Thoughts From Outside the Box  Shelley Ann Klukiewicz All Rights Reserved.



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Copyrighted 2018 Thoughts from Outside the Box. Shelley Ann Klukiewicz. All rights reserved.

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