Discovering Our I and Me


         We all start our journey at birth, or possibly before depending on your beliefs.  We are born each holding an invisible slate, upon which the world and our experiences in it, carve a story.  Of course, our choices, our “luck” if you will, and misfortunes, share an equal task in creating this narrative.

        We each search for peace and happiness, that can sometimes be the quest of our lifetime.  This is always evolving depending on where you are in your life, to be different things, leading to various paths, each creating their own chapter in the story of our I and Me.

          In this journey, the one who is always there, who will accompany us at every step, is ourselves, our I and Me.  I have always found it interesting learning about, my I and Me.  I differentiate the two as I is the more driven declarative independant part, “I will do this”.   Me is more nurturing, emotion driven, living closer to the heart, “That makes me feel sad”.   We learn things about ourselves all the time, our feelings, our passions, what drives us, and what can cause us to hesitate, sometimes even to stop.  Being open to our complete I and Me, the parts that are easy to look at, as well as the ones that we can barely face, is what makes I and Me  finally become one in the same.


        I have always had a creative side, I sketched when younger, but was always better at writing, words were always the forte I ran to when I was searching for, or trying to understand I and Me.   Whether it was the sad “me” on the verge of tears, the angry “I” who stood “engarde” ready to protect my vulnerable psyche, or maybe the curious “Me”, trying to learn and understand, people, reasons, or sometimes just, “Why”?   My search would sometimes lead me to, at that time, pick up a pen, now it is to sit at a keyboard.   The words would come, and lead me to further understand both I and Me.  It has taken me many years, only now do I feel I have completely found both.


      Here are three poems of mine, from many years ago as well as more recent.  I have included the ones in this post that fall under the basic idea of finding all aspects of ourselves and how we see the world around us.  They all have varied flows, as each one comes from a different facet, be it I or Me.   

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  I have included some early sketching I did as well, many years ago before writing became my chosen method of expression.


Gaze at me

take me in

my face, my body


Turn to me

relish my voice

accept my words


Touch me 

my skin

my hair


Smell me

my scent

my essence


Hold me

take my vows

accept no other


Support me

be my brace

never falter


Taste me

the bitter

as well the sweet


Caress me

pull my strings

hear my music


Take my hand

leap across

don’t look down


Accept me

my past

my future

my whole life



I thought you were the sun

You more resembled the moon.

I thought you were the stars

You were just a fleeting comet.

I thought you would soothe like warmth

You burned more like dry ice.

I though you would taste as steak

It was more like ham off the bone.

I savored you rich as Godiva

You chose to be Dollar Store chocolate.

I thought you sparkled as diamonds

Guess it was just obsidian glare.

I thought you would walk beside me

Turned out, you couldn’t keep pace.

I thought your door was open

You closed it with a deafening latch.


Some words cannot be spoken

they have to be kept to oneself.

Some feelings cannot be expressed

they have to be locked deep inside.

Some heartaches cannot be shared

they have to be suffered in silence.

Some anger cannot be unleashed

it has to be quietly dealt with.

Some injuries cannot be healed

they have to be taken in stride.

Some events cannot be altered

they have to be used as a lesson.

Some tears cannot be dried

they have to be swept away.

Some people cannot be forgiven

they just have to be forgotten.


Copyright 2018 © Thoughts From Outside the Box  Shelley Ann Klukiewicz  All Rights Reserved.






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Copyrighted 2018 Thoughts from Outside the Box. Shelley Ann Klukiewicz. All rights reserved.

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