Pieces of the Kaleidoscope


The most difficult part of a blog, is making it something others want to read, or share, or even learn from.  Although the general rule is to have a theme, for me, and for the reasons I created this blog, that will not do.  My postings will cover different themes, touch varied subjects, share many thoughts, and consist of vibrant colors.  My hope is that in time, I will have an audience, and commentators of like, if not, I suppose this will turn into, my memoirs.  

I have many things I want my blog to contain, I will bounce from one subject to another, which has always been my way, some may call it OCD, my explanation is simply that I tend to get bored easily. I may jump from a memory that I choose to share, to an opinion that I hold, from a hobby that I indulge in, to a poem written in my past, to a current event, or even a lesson I myself have learned, and want to share.  I hope that along the way I will pick up, pass along information to, or maybe even help, others on their own journeys, be it from darkness into light, sadness into joy, despair into hope, or from what they thought was the end, but is actually their beginning.

  This poem I wrote when I was quite young, possibly 21,  when I suppose I was trying to find the real me.  All of my writings are one of three things, either taken from my reality, part my reality and part fiction, or a very few, total fiction.  This one was my reality, YOU.

You are my hopes

you are my dreams

You are my laughter

and my tears.

You are my wins

you are my losses

You are my heart

and my soul.

You are my past, my present

and my future

You chase the dreams

I too run after.

You are my strength,

you share my weakness

You are my path, my compass

and my feet

In other words, you are me.


Copyright 2018 (pending) SA Klukiewicz


Second Hand Elegance

    I have always LOVED a bargain, not only because my humble beginnings required it, but because it makes money go soooo much further, and there is a sense of accomplishment, turning another man’s toss outs into your own treasures.  I will be honest, this idea was not entirely my own, the basics of it were borrowed, but the painting aspects to coordinate and make it more aesthetically pleasing were my addition to the project.

I think we all love to watch birds, their beauty, cheerfulness, and don’t we all wish we could fly!  I would imagine, watching them would help to cheer up even the most gloomy day.  So, when I saw the basics for this birdfeeder on Pinterest, I had to put my own stamp on it and give it a go. 

  The black and tan one started as a clear second hand vase, with a coat of black satin spray paint, and plate with matching colors for the feeder.  I use PLENTY of glue, as being outdoors in Florida, as hot and humid as it is, requires a very tightly attached second piece.  Toss in your favorite bird seed, put it in a spot where you ( and your cats) have prime viewing, and enjoy.


   The white base is actually a candle holder, which I most likely will paint flat or satin black possibly leaving some white to show through for a “shabby chic”  look.  Again, a straight flat white paint out of doors in Florida will not hold its look for long, and I do love to integrate black as it always adds elegance.  Add another pretty plate to match and Voila!  


  For a few cents, and an hour at most, you have unique birdfeeders to add beauty to your garden.  You will have good fun creating, and the birds will thank you.   Now hit up the second hand shop, get out that spray paint, and soar!

Creative Ideas And Practical Gardening Advice — Home Gardening

Horticulture is much more than a space outdoors. It is even more than just a hobby for the green thumbs! The effects can be especially profound if you’re good at it. TIP! Healthy soil will be your best defense against the pests that can invade your garden. Healthier plants are greater in strength and resistance […]

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How Does My Garden Grow

I have always been fond of metaphors, this blogpost will be no exception.  Gardens have always held a fascination for me, those I cultivate, those I observe, and the one that I sprung from myself, all special and unique in their own right.  I suppose I should start with the one that grew, me, which to those who dislike trying to decifer metaphorical terms, my childhood (and actually early adulthood as well). To indulge, I will simply state, that I was but a mere thin weed of a flower, received very little sunlight, even less tender loving care, but like the stubborn dandelion, I held on, grew as much as my sustenance would allow, and grew stronger as time went on and seasons passed, as most hardy plants will do.   They may wilt and appear quite dead at times, but they are alive under the withered leaves and frozen ground.   I found that the lack of attention I received, made me stronger, some it may weaken, it all depends on what each “plant” is made of.  Strangely enough, it may also come to pass, that those that receive a lot of sunlight, care and attention, may be much weaker than the neglected ones, again, it is all relative to each ones constitution.  

I found, as many plants do when they are “transplanted”  that I blossomed more than it ever seemed I may, given my humble and meager beginnings.  As I did, my own garden became full of my own lovely additions, in other words, my children, who would never be shaded and undernourished in either food, love, nor ever discouraged to grow to their full potential.

I exist now in this beautiful garden of my own creation, some days are rainy of course, but without rain, we cannot grow, so I welcome it.  

Lastly, I will speak of my actual garden in the non-metaphorical sense.   Everywhere I go, I seem to take on the ugly duckling, the one in need or repair, be it animals or properties, and transform them into something more beautiful.  I guess it is the part of me that likes a challenge, that always is striving to prove what I can do, and the reward I see when it comes to fruition.  My current ” Garden in the Works” is in northern Florida, our adopted home after we left the Northeast.   Spring is here and certain things are in bloom, others, such as our many Crepe Myrtles, are still quiet as we have had a rainy streak and they wait for the sun.   Everyday my GITW,  brings me peace and calmness as I work on her to eventually create my true Oasis, my Secret Garden.  I know not everyone has a green thumb, or the desire to take up gardening, but I would advise to at least dabble.  If apartment living is your thing, have plants, do whatever you can to stay close and in tune with Mother Nature and bring her into your world, as no matter what is going on in your life, I have found that she will always give you some peace,  some joy, even on your darkest day.   Trust her to lighten your load, and you will never be shoved in a corner, neglected and left to wither.   Here are some pictures of my current garden to start your journey.




Copyright (processing) 2018  SA Klukiewicz

Lessons From a Cat


   Today is the day, I took the step and started a long thought of blog. This blog will be like its creator, out of the box, varied, emotional, focused, and last but not least, FUN! It will include pieces of myself, as well as others in my circle, my children, my family, as well as anyone who wants to add to its colorful landscape. I want it to be about many things and many people, not just a rambling self serving write up of me (sorry bloggers who follow that path) as a wise man once told me ( the head teacher at the beauty school I attended) “Everyone likes to talk about themselves, if you allow that, you will have many clients”, and I have found that to be true in all walks of life, with all people, not just clients or customers, but family, friends and others that may cross our paths, everyone likes to feel ” special”, so, my blog is for anyone who wants to add or comment, not just for me,  after I have opened the subject door.  I will also post things from the web that I think are of some value and interest.  The push that finally made me get this thing in gear, was the same thing that many ,many, MANY, years ago, got me putting my feelings on paper when I felt that I could do so eloquently enough, a cat.

     Those many years ago it was my first pet cat, Sam, who left me after two short years, but took up a large room in my heart. This time, it was the passing of our pet Chief. I suppose it was because after so many years with him, when he left us, I realized that days tick away, if you want to do something, do it, don’t keep putting it off, as well as I felt the time was right. I suppose it is fitting that a cat figures into this beginning, as one did back then, and though I think of myself as more of a dog person, the spirit of the cat is more aligned with my own. They seem to be of two worlds, one the warm safe domestic world of cozy blankets, warm fires and always available food and safety, the other the mysterious, mystical world of Mother Nature. In one world, they lay curled up on your lap, in the other, they dream they are the mighty Shere Khan, gliding through the forests of India, reigning as her King. I am a person whose base is my family and home, but I also feel a strong connection with Mother Nature and the natural world, so, thank you Sam, those many years ago for helping me realize that I have a knack for words, and thank you Chief, for giving me the push I needed, on your way over the Rainbow Bridge.

Below is my first attempt at expressing on paper, crude, simple, but written by a heartbroken teen who had just lost her first pet (and he was a character).  

He walked softly on padded feet, his life here with us was so complete

He might have been wary of strangers and such, but he loved his home and his family so much

People sometimes forget and no longer care, but him I could count on, he would always be there

I had always said when his life was to end, I would want to be there, with my special friend

We were together when he walked through that door, out of life, into death

and as he breathed his final breath

his soul came into my heart, there he shall live, we will never part.

In two short years he showed me such love, for this I thank God above

for sending me such a friend, the likes of him I’ll never see again

He was my friend, he is my friend

A friend whom I will always love, a friend who loved me as I loved him

A friend whose memory I will always carry,

my dearest friend, my friend Sam.


Copyright (processing) 2018  SA Klukiewicz