Second Hand Elegance

    I have always LOVED a bargain, not only because my humble beginnings required it, but because it makes money go soooo much further, and there is a sense of accomplishment, turning another man’s toss outs into your own treasures.  I will be honest, this idea was not entirely my own, the basics of it were borrowed, but the painting aspects to coordinate and make it more aesthetically pleasing were my addition to the project.

I think we all love to watch birds, their beauty, cheerfulness, and don’t we all wish we could fly!  I would imagine, watching them would help to cheer up even the most gloomy day.  So, when I saw the basics for this birdfeeder on Pinterest, I had to put my own stamp on it and give it a go. 

  The black and tan one started as a clear second hand vase, with a coat of black satin spray paint, and plate with matching colors for the feeder.  I use PLENTY of glue, as being outdoors in Florida, as hot and humid as it is, requires a very tightly attached second piece.  Toss in your favorite bird seed, put it in a spot where you ( and your cats) have prime viewing, and enjoy.


   The white base is actually a candle holder, which I most likely will paint flat or satin black possibly leaving some white to show through for a “shabby chic”  look.  Again, a straight flat white paint out of doors in Florida will not hold its look for long, and I do love to integrate black as it always adds elegance.  Add another pretty plate to match and Voila!  


  For a few cents, and an hour at most, you have unique birdfeeders to add beauty to your garden.  You will have good fun creating, and the birds will thank you.   Now hit up the second hand shop, get out that spray paint, and soar!

Author: shelleyanne56

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